Practical Information


Malko Academy for Young Conductors is generously sponsored by Fondation Caris. Therefore, participants do not need to pay for the course and they receive all relevant scores for free. Having passed the entrance examinations, and after being accepted to Malko Academy for Young Conductors, your expenses for transportation from your home country to Denmark and for accommodation will also be refunded (see detailed info below).
You will still need to pay for your own daily expenses, e.g. local transport (Metro tickets) and the food that you eat (coffee/tea and water is available for free in DR).

Transportation to Denmark

Once you have passed the entrance examinations and are accepted for Malko Academy for Young Conductors, your expenses for transportation (economy class) to Copenhagen and back will be refunded. We expect you to search thoroughly for cheap travel options and book them in consultation with us, thus enabling us to spend more money on your lessons, and less on transportation.


As a student in Malko Academy for Young Conductors, you can choose your accommodation freely and will be refunded costs of up to 650 DKK per relevant night upon receipt. You can use platforms like to find and book hotels. We recommend that you always book hotels with a free cancellation-option (at you can filter your search accordingly), as we cannot refund costs for a booking that you do not use. Of course, if you prolong your stay in order to enjoy Copenhagen some extra days, the extra expense will not be refunded.

Going to and from DR Koncerthuset

All lessons take place in DR Koncerthuset, DR Byen, Emil Holms Kanal 20, DK-0999 København C. DR Koncerthuset is an integral part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and is situated at the Metro-station “DR Byen” (M1-line). The easiest and cheapest way to pay for local transport is a Rejsekort, an alternative is the Citypass. A map showing trains and Metro in Greater Copenhagen can be seen here. Updated travel information can be accessed via Journeyplanner. On this page, you can enter the exact addresses for start and destination, and the site will show you several options for your travel.


When you have passed the entrance examinations and are offered a place in the academy, you will receive a contract that formally describes your participation.

Please note two important clauses of that contract:

  • DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) has the right to record and publish activities of Malko Academy of Young Conductors. For example your final concert at the end of the two year-period will be recorded in audio and video and most likely be broadcast on Danish Radio, maybe Danish Television and definitely on platforms like YouTube.
  • Malko Academy for Young Conductors has the right to terminate a student´s participation in the course at any time, for example, if a student is repeatedly unprepared, doesn´t show a satisfactory commitment, behaves inappropriately or for any other reason. The decision to terminate a student´s participation rests entirely with DR and may not be appealed.

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