Repertoire 2024

Monday & Tuesday

Round 1

Mozart, Haydn & Beethoven

Each candidate will have 17 min. with the orchestra and may rehearse with the orchestra within that time. The candidate chooses 2 of the 3 choices below. Just before the 1st round, a ballot decides which piece the candidate will perform and the exact excerpt of the piece. The candidate thus only performs one of the 3 possibilities.

1. W. A. Mozart: Symphony No. 35 in D Major Kv. 385 ‘Haffner’ 1. mov. (Bärenreiter)

2. J. Haydn: Symphony No. 49 in f-minor Hob. I:49 1. mov. (Doblinger/ R. Landon)

3. L.v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 in Bb-Major 1. mov. (Bärenreiter)


Round 2

Tchaikovsky, Mahler & Dvorak

Each candidate has 18 minutes with the orchestra.
The candidate prepares all three symphonies.
The candidate may rehearse with the orchestra.
The candidate can decide the order of performance.

P. I. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5  in e-minor (Breitkopf & Härtel)

G. Mahler: Symphony No. 5 (Edition Peters/Kubik)

A. Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 (Bärenreiter)

On the day before the 2nd round, the exact excerpts will be announced to each of the candidates.


Round 3

Debussy, Ravel, Bartok, Negron & Nielsen

The 3rd round is divided into two parts: Morning and afternoon.

In the morning each candidate will have 22 min. with the orchestra.

New commission for the Malko Competition by Angélica Negron: Campos Flotantes (6:30 minutes)
The candidate may rehearse with the orchestra. Duration of the commissioned piece - performance/rehearsal should be min. 7 min. The score will be provided on March 15 2024.

Without rehearsal the candidate will perform one of the following three pieces (by his/her own choice) and will be stopped at 22 min. (incl. the commissioned piece):

C. Debussy: La Mer 1. mov. (Bärenreiter)

M. Ravel: La Valse (Durand)

B. Bartok: Concert for Orchestra 1. mov. (Boosey/ rev.1945/1993/2018 - Musica Budapest)

In the afternoon each candidate will, without rehearsal, perform 
Carl Nielsen: Flute Concerto 1st mov. (WH free download of the score)
The candidate will have time to meet and talk with the soloist beforehand.



Brahms & Nielsen

Each candidate will rehearse with the orchestra in the morning. 
In the evening each candidate will perform one of the following three pieces (as decided by ballot on April 18 2024): 
J. Brahms: Symphony No. 1. 1st mov. (Breitkopf/Neue ausgabe)
J. Brahms: Symphony No. 2. 1st mov. (Breitkopf/Neue ausgabe)
J. Brahms: Symphony No. 4. 1st mov. (Breitkopf/Neue ausgabe)

In addition the candidate performs: 
C. Nielsen: Masquerade - Dance of the Cockerel ( from act 3 - free download of the score)